Grape passage in Terény, cemetery and open-air scene – recommended with baby, duration 1 hour

This short promenade is recommended for anyone coming first time to Terény, but especially suitable for those with baby cot. Going down on Arany János street (the street of our guesthouse) we arrive to the shop, here we have to take the right towards Mikszáth Kálmán street. We have to cross the Szanda-creek, then turn left onto the Grape Passage (Szőlősor in Hungarian), which is like a real-life folklore museum in Terény, with typical houses of the region.

If you don’t turn left but continue straight ahead, you’ll reach the end of the village, where on your right you’ll find a small forest way with a barrier leading to the open-air scene, on your left a way to the cemetery. During All Saints, the candle lights of the cemetery offer a beautiful evening view of the mountain. The open-air scene is the show background every year for the Nationality Day of Terény, but on colder end-September nights, it is an ideal spot to listen to the deer roaring.

Recommended period: all year round


Castle of Szanda – recommended with children from age 4, half-day program

Half way between Szanda and Szandaváralja at the end of a heavy slope, you’ll find a small street sign on your left (when coming from Terény) indicating the Castle. This is the starting point of the route – leave the car here, next to the route. After crossing the field, you’ll have to climb a bit up on a short but heavy way into the forest. This forest way is ended in a three-way crossroad: the longer, harder way to the Castle is going straight ahead (blue tourist signs); this will make a curve on the south of the Castle ruins. On your right, you find the shorter and easier way, recommended with smaller children, this is an engaging way and only the last meters will climb heavily up (no tourist sign).

The Castle of Szanda itself played only secondary roles in the Middle Age history of Hungary: it has been conquered by Ottoman army during 1500s, reconquered by a bold Hungarian captain and exploded by the same in order to avoid next Turkish invasion. The good andesite bricks were then used by village people to build houses for the next centuries…
By the way, the panoramic view is breath-taking: some says in good conditions, you can even see Tatra Mountains (North Slovakia)!

Recommended period: from March to November, in good weather.

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